Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Post

My friends call me Pammie and I am always on the side of the animals,especially wild ones.Animals are honest. They are as nature intended and there should be no surprises unlike with humans.I do not like hunters, especially 'sport' hunters,unless, of course, one is trapped in the bush and starvation is a reality.
I am not keen on  spiders and am grateful they are not as huge as, say,a tiger. If they stay in th garden that is okay, I can avoid them, quickly. But if I find one on my pillow, thats another matter.

Once, long ago a big,black,hairy spider was just above my bed. The thought of sleeping while it was roaming filled me with dread. I decided to quickly dispatch it. As my slipper came arcing towards it, the spider realized it was doomed and I watched with horror as it flattened itself against the wall and crouched fearfully as my slipper swiftly descended. Now I have a jar and lid where they are trapped 'til morning, and then released into the furthest end of the garden. My guilt remains.

My philosophy in life is-be kind to all.

My favourite animal is the wolf.

See you next time,