Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Post

My friends call me Pammie and I am always on the side of the animals,especially wild ones.Animals are honest. They are as nature intended and there should be no surprises unlike with humans.I do not like hunters, especially 'sport' hunters,unless, of course, one is trapped in the bush and starvation is a reality.
I am not keen on  spiders and am grateful they are not as huge as, say,a tiger. If they stay in th garden that is okay, I can avoid them, quickly. But if I find one on my pillow, thats another matter.

Once, long ago a big,black,hairy spider was just above my bed. The thought of sleeping while it was roaming filled me with dread. I decided to quickly dispatch it. As my slipper came arcing towards it, the spider realized it was doomed and I watched with horror as it flattened itself against the wall and crouched fearfully as my slipper swiftly descended. Now I have a jar and lid where they are trapped 'til morning, and then released into the furthest end of the garden. My guilt remains.

My philosophy in life is-be kind to all.

My favourite animal is the wolf.

See you next time,


  1. Hi Pammie. Welcome to the sphere. We could certainly use kind people and animal lovers here!

    Good first post.

  2. I have no sympathy for spiders!! One bit me on the head one time while I slept. ;)
    Welcome to blogging!
    JLee (aka Doris)

  3. Hi Pammie,

    It is immoral to kill anything you are not going to eat or was going to attack you. I suspect that the spider was much bigger than you describe otherwise I'm sure you would have left it alive.

    Good luck with the blogging.

    I guess you have many animals at home which are well looked after.

  4. Hi Pammie!

    Just to let you know, I'm a proud member of PETA...

    People Eating Tasty Animals...

    And I let spiders alone... They eat the bad bugs in my house.

    Spiders think they're yummy too...

  5. I am an animal lover too. Do you hate people, Pamela? If you do we could be BFF's.

  6. Holy fuck. Who gives a fuck about spiders! Get a life!

  7. Hi Pammie! Checking you out, after you stopped by. Good luck with the blogging, it can be tough, I'm living proof. (but at least I'm still living) I'm going to follow you. Hang in here!

  8. But if I'm really hungry, I'll eat the spiders too...

    Just saying...

  9. Anonymous-Glad you liked my post.Thank you.

    Jlee-Yes,I was afraid of that,that's why the first one got killed.Thank you for the welcome.

    Anonymous- Thank you for your kind comment. I try to be kind animals, insects etc as they all have a life.

    Ranger Tom-Being a ranger, I don' suppose you'd be afraid of any animals.

    Ubermouth- Not all people. I do have a few people I call friends who have the samee ethics as I do.

    Anonymous-Thank you for your contribution.

    Ms Anthropy- Cute name. I liked your blog. Thank you for such a warm welcome.

    Ranger Tom-Raw or crispy fried? Alive or dead?

  10. Yes, JLee got bit on the head. Hahaha, well, it's not that funny. Funny thing, I am native American and one of my favorite animals is the wolf. I was nicknamed "two bears" when I came back to the company that I work for now.

  11. Travis, That was funny. I laughed so much I .... Wait, what was funny about that?

  12. Did you get eaten by a spider, Pammie?

  13. Pammie,

    Your first and err... quickly followed by a second? How about one on pigeons. What do you think of them? Tasty?

  14. Ok, now that you've got me to follow your blog, you've got to post at least once in a while!

  15. Pammie! Tell Uber to invite me back to her blog!